Inspired by the Night (Single)

by Seismic Music

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"The Ballad of Luna" is a classic example of a project that I put my heart and soul into three years ago, but never reached its full potential as a result of a lack of experience on my part. Fast-forward to Fall 2016, and I decided it was time to undertake the start-from-scratch remake of this song.

The concept behind having "Inspired by the Night" as the project title was to spend the majority of my time working on this song after nightfall, to try and be a little bit more in tune with the song's namesake: Luna, Princess of the Night.

Within a few weeks, the substance of the song was complete. Then, of course, came the mastering and endless amounts of tweaking. This exact song, and in fact, both iterations of it remind me of why I hate hate hate mastering songs with reverb-y pianos. It's a real challenge. Over Winter Break, I acquired what turned out to be a bad pair of headphones, and in the next month, undid nearly three months of tweaking equalizers and mastering. Come February 2017, I went back to my tried-and-tested headphones that I'd begun the project with, and finally after a month more of tweaks, I completed the song to my satisfaction.


released March 13, 2017

Inspirations: the entire soundtrack from Sanctum 2 (the bells with tons of vibrato), and BlackGryph0n (that awesome bass he has in his house tracks).

Also, I'd just like to bring attention to the fact that I used the Melodosis Synth in this remake, just like I did in the original. Melodosis was my very first inspiration in music making, and from the first song I ever made until this song now, his legacy lives on in my work. Thanks for that awesome synth sound!




Seismic Music Boulder, Colorado

The artist formerly known as DJ Alez Android!

• Producer of electronic music (EDM and otherwise), and some music production tutorials

• Featured in charity album: Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart

• Featured in compilation albums: Ponies at Dawn: Crystal Skies and Ministry of Brony: Session 1

• Runner up for the Brony Aerospace theme song contest, along with Silva Hound and Noah Kriska
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